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At Crocodile Clips, we create educational software for schools and colleges.

Our products are recommended by teachers worldwide for their innovative approach to learning.

Our software

Yenka modelling software
Learn by experimenting in a safe virtual world.

Sumdog mathematics games
Fun and educational - and free to use, at home or in school.

Absorb online courses
Rich lessons with simulations, animations and videos.

Crocodile simulators
Now upgraded to our new Yenka platform.

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Sumdog's educational games are free to use, either in school or at home. Teachers can sign up free to track their students' efforts, and set them challenges. Reserve your free Sumdog login today!


Yenka Science

Yenka's powerful virtual labs are ideal for science lessons, demonstrating concepts colourfully in a safe, accurate virtual world. More...

Yenka Mathematics

Create 3D mathematical models easily, to demonstrate statistics, probability, geometry and coordinates. More...


Yenka Technology

The only simulator you need for design and technology. Design circuits, export to PCBs, and program PICs and PICAXEs. More...

Yenka Programming

Introduces programming in an engaging way, controlling animated 3D characters using simple flowchart commands. More...